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To me art is the final frontier, the place where human nature expresses itself in the most free and ever changing way. 

I chose to believe that our planet is more than a rock in space, i believe the world is a magic place. 

Then there is craft, the act of doing something so often that it becomes part of ones very self. The pleasure of moving a brush on a surface, the little sound that makes.


Happy father of two amazing girls (really, they are ... amazing!). In my twenties i met Indian yogis, an event that changed all my perspective ever since. Being aware of how privileged my position as a white male in a western country is, life doesn't feel like roses all the time for me either.  

Art is for me an act of meditation, with the somewhat funny feature that i have such a narrow interest. Faces and faces and then faces again. Cannot help it, i love us humans. Wonderful, weird creatures we are. I can spend hours and days and weeks painting and listening to rain recordings or nice music or talks by people like Alan Watts. Then i fall asleep, still running eyes and hair and noses and shadows and lights in my head and i wouldn't be surprised if sometimes my hand still moved during sleep, painting imaginary faces with imaginary brushes.

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