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Welcome to my art. To me art is the final frontier, the place where our human nature expresses itself in the most free, exciting and ever changing way. When AI will be producing almost all content in our media absorbed world, there still be be a group of people challenging the status quo, pushing the envelope and find new ways to comment and make fun of all of that. Will AI overtake art? No, the fuck it won't.

My second love is spirituality and meditation. Which definitely shows in my work.

My third passion is craft, the act of doing something so often that it becomes muscle memory. The pleasure of moving a brush on a surface, the little sound it makes, the big strokes or small nuances it leaves behind. It's magic.

My Life

I have been blessed with a great life, happy father of two amazing girls. In my twenties i met Indian yogis, an event that changed all my perspective ever since. Being aware of how privileged my position as a white male in a western country is, life doesn't feel like roses all the time for me either.  

Art is for me an act of meditation, with the somewhat funny feature that i have such a narrow interest. Faces and faces and then faces again. Cannot help it, i love us humans. Wonderful, weird creatures we are. I can spend hours and days and weeks painting and listening to rain recordings or nice music or talks by people like Alan Watts. Then i fall asleep, still running eyes and hair and noses and shadows and lights in my head and i wouldn't be surprised if sometimes my hand still moved during sleep, painting imaginary faces with imaginary brushes.

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